Female Dog aged 24 weeks.

Spirit is one of a litter of puppies who are the result of an accidental mating between a Labrador mother and a Collie father. Unfortunately the dogs were being cared for by a neighbour while their owner was having some orthopaedic surgery, and the mating and subsequent pregnancy went unnoticed! The puppies have been well reared and well handled, but they have not had much socialisation with the wider world, so their adopters will need to get onto this straight away. They will need early training and will need to get out and about as soon as possible. They have nice natures but lack confidence in new situations. For this reason we will not be rehoming Spirit or the other puppies to first time dog owners, and ideally it would be great to home each of them with a calm neutered dog of the opposite gender who can teach them the ways of the world. Training classes will be an essential for these beautiful babies, as well as normal canine education at home. The are going to be quite large and active, intelligent dogs when adult with an ongoing high exercise requirement. They will need company most of the time.

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