Male Dog aged 25 weeks.

These beautiful puppies are the babies of an equally beautiful mummy, who was taken into rescue care in very poor condition, then promptly produced 8 pups! Despite her own problems, and with the help of a very caring fosterer, she has done a great job of raising the whole litter, and we now have these lovely pups ready to go to their forever homes. The puppies have been well handled from small, and are used to people and to other dogs, and are very sweet and affectionate youngsters. If you are considering offering one a home, please take a long, hard look at what dog ownership really means. Don't even go there unless you are well-prepared, and are ready to work through all the training and are completely committed to your dog for the whole of his or her life. We have had dogs and puppies returned to us in the past for quite ludicrous reasons, such as being unhousetrained, being lively(!), or sometimes even for growing bigger! Unless you have a plan as to how you will cope with such normal things, and many others, please do not embark upon the serious commitment that dog adoption comprises. Please pay attention to the criteria listed below BEFORE considering coming to see any of our puppies Please remember that pups are fun but also LOTS of work. They are a lifetime commitment, and will also be a lifetime of joy IF you raise them and train them right. So do not even consider having one in your life unless you are prepared to be completely responsible for their upbringing and also are the sort of adopter who will see any glitches as challenges rather than problems. These little lives will literally be in YOUR hands, and it will be your responsibility to bring them along to be happy and well adjusted dogs. You will also need to: Be able to give them the time and attention they need, and this does NOT fit in with a working life or multiple family commitments. Be able to offer a home without babies or toddlers as tiny members of the human and canine species rarely mix well! Own and to have read "The Perfect Puppy" by Gwen Bailey: Be ready for some sleepless nights while your puppy adjusts to sleeping in a new place on its own - puppies can cry very loudly! Understand that puppies are NOT housetrained - this is something YOU have to help them with, but until they are YOU will be cleaning up after them! Have established where you will be taking a puppy for training. Puppy socialisation and then Dog Training Classes are NOT an optional extra, they are absolutely essential, especially for bright and opportunistic pups like these. Have him or her neutered at 6 months of age, and be prepared to keep him or her fully vaccinated for the rest of his/her life

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