Foster Carer Application

Planned Changes

It is important to consider the impact of any planned changes on your ability to foster. These may include changes to your home or living situation, relationship changes, work commitments, etc.

To help us understand any existing planned changes, please include relevant details in the box provided.

Surrendering Animals

We would like to understand if you have ever surrendered any animal, not just rabbits, for rehoming.

We understand that there are numerous reasons why this may have happened. A history of surrendering animals will not automatically exclude you from fostering.

Where appropriate, we will discuss the circumstances further during your homecheck.

Rabbit Experience

Experience is not essential for the role, as full support and training is always provided.

However, it is useful to understand what experience you may have.

This can be discussed further during your homecheck.

Foster Environments

It is helpful for us to know whether you intend to foster rabbits indoors and/or outdoors.

Not Currently Recruiting Outdoor Foster Carers

At present we are only prioritising applications for indoor foster carers. You are welcome to submit an application for outdoor environments, but please be aware that it may be placed on hold for consideration at a later date.

Foster Space Photos

It would be helpful if you were able to provide some photos of the space where you intend to keep our foster rabbits.

If you have equipment you intend to use, please ensure these are included within the photos provided. However, if you require equipment on load from us, it is still useful for us to see the current/empty space intended

The photos will be used to help us discuss our requirements with you, and for us to agree what changes or equipment may be required for you to provide the best possible care for rabbits placed with you.

Transport Explained

As detailed above, we expect you to have access to transport for your role.

Computer Use

As well as support from your Rabbit Co-ordinator, we use Microsoft Office365 software such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Word.

Personal Statement

We would love to know a little bit more about you, and why you would like to become a rabbit foster carer with us.

Please use the box provided to provide any additional information you feel may be relevant to your application.

Declaration Statement

  • I can confirm that I have read and understood the Living and Exercise requirements as detailed here.
  • I confirm that I will be able to provide adequate space for fostering.
    • Indoors I understand this to be a living space of 2m x 1m for an indoor pen, with additional 2m x 2m exercise space daily.
    • Outdoors I understand the space will be at least 3m x 2m
  • I understand that there will be a regular need to transport rabbits to/from local and emergency vets and Beloved Rabbit's offices in Kirkintilloch (G66 1QH).
  • I understand I will be responsible for day-to-day provision of food & bedding materials.
  • I confirm that the main carer of the rabbits is over the age of 16, and that no members of the household have been banned from owning animals under the Animal Welfare Act.
  • I confirm that any of my own pet rabbits within my care are vaccinated annually to protect against Myxomatosis, RHD1 and RHD2, unless exempted by my veterinarian on medical grounds.
  • I confirm I have the permission of the homeowner to foster and house rabbits in the premises at the address provided.